Flatbed Cutting Plotter

Flatbed Cutting Plotter
Flatbed Cutting Plotter
Product Description


Acceptable sheet width 90mm~1,040mm (3.54"~40.9") 90mm~1,580mm (3.54"~62.0") 90mm~1,880mm (3.54”~74”)
Acceptable roll sheet Outer less than φ200mm , Roll weight less than 18kg Outer less than φ200mm Roll weight less than 22kg
Effective cutting area*1 760mm x 51m(29.9" x 167') 1,300mm x 51m(51.2" x 167') 1,600mm×51m(62.9”×167’)
Maximum auto cutting width*2 870mm (34.2”) 1,425mm (56.1”) 1,720mm (67.7”)
Maximum cutting speed 100cm/s (39.3"/s)
Maximum moving speed 140cm/s (55"/s)
Adjustable speed range*3 1-10cm/s : 1cm step adjustment
(0.39"-3.94"/s : 0.39" step adjustment)
10-50cm/s : 5cm step adjustment
(3.94"-19.68"/s : 2" step adjustment)
50-100cm/s : 10cm step adjustment
(19.68"-39.37" : 3.94" step adjustment)
Mechanical resolution 5µm(0.0002")
Command resolution 25µm or 10µm(0.001" or 0.0004")-MGL-IIc
Repeatability ±0.2mm (Excluding shrinkage / expansion caused by the film temperature)
Tekanan pen 400g
Range of down pressureCutter 10~20g(2g step), 20~100g(5g step), 100~400g(10g step)
Pouncing 10~20g(2g step), 20~100g(5g step), 100~400g(10g step)
Pen 10~20g(2g step), 20~100g(5g step), 100~150g(10g step)
Acceptable sheet*4 Vinyl up to 0.25mm(0.01")thickness,
Fluorescent type vinyl Reflective sheet
Acceptable sheet for pouncing*5 Paper thickness: 0.06~0.13mm (0.0024"~0.005")
Applicable tools*6 Cutter, Water based ball-point pen,
Oil based ball-point pen, Pouncing tool
Type of command MGL-IIc
Interface RS-232C,USB
Receiver buffer size 30MB Standard (20MB when in sorting)
OperationalTemperature 5~35°C (41~95°F)
Humidity 35~75%(Rh) Non-condensation
Power requirement AC100V~240V
Power consumption 130VA or less
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1,285mm(50.5")x
Weight (with stands) 50kg(110 lbs.) 60kg(132 lbs.) 69kg(152 lbs.)

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  • *1: Maximum sheet feeding length differs depending on the software.
  • *2:Sheet width to cut off from the roll.
  • *3:Restricted sheet width.
  • *4:Provided that the blade specific to fluorescent type vinyl (SPB-0007)and the blade specific to reflective sheet (SPB-0006)are used.
  • *5:Pouncing tool intended specifically for pouncing shall be used.
  • *6:The goods on the market are φ8~φ9 Pen. No guaranty with accuracy, and image quality.
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